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Through popular demand, Genus ABS announces the launch of six new exciting sires. The line up consists of 3 conventional and 3 sexed genomic bulls.


Larissa Jones, Dairy Product Manager, comments on the launch of the new sires: “I’m delighted to deliver these 6 new bulls to our lineup, all of whom offer traits that we have seen a significant increase in industry demand for. As a group, the bulls will deliver extreme production, exceptional Type Merit, Fat and Protein percentages and domination in the PLI rankings. We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer these great sires to our customers”.


Netherside Equinox is an impressive Silver son who has been one of our fastest selling genomic sires. Equinox is one of the only bulls in the world to offer over £620 PLI, more than + 3.3 Type Merit and -30 SCC, making him an extremely unique and attractive sire. Equinox’s Dam from the Netherside herd, has already proven to be a successful bull Dam and the G. Dam is the former #1 TPI Genomic Beacon daughter.


Pine-Tree Verona is quickly becoming one of the new hot flush bulls in the UK. Farmers are already using him due to his combination of high GTPI (2733) and impressive PLI, Daughter Fertility, Milk Production and Components, all of which make him an extremely attractive sire in today’s market. He also offers extreme health and fitness traits being an impressive 4* TransitionRight, meaning his progeny are projected to save you £33 per lactation by being more resistant to transition diseases.


K&L MS Patience reigns from the UK Cornerstone programme, and possesses a highly unique pedigree being a Missouri son from a Shamrock. His Shamrock Dam is a very balanced and complete cow with a superb mammary system and exceptional legs and feet. This Shamrock Dam follows 5 generations of VG/EX Dam’s originating from the same cow family as many other popular AI sires. Patience will deliver progeny with excellent Type(+2.83), production (+674 Kgs) and profitability presented through his high PLI score (£516).


Gin Amour, is now available sexed. Andrew Rutter, Breeding Programme Manager, comments “Gin Amour affirms himself as a protein power house. He is one of the market leading sires for improving weight and percentages of protein. The other exciting element to Amour is his unique and outcross pedigree”.


Diepenhoek Rozzer is also now available as a sexed sire. Rozzer is one of only a handful of bulls in the world today that combines over £600 of PLI with more than 3 points for Type. Added to this he increases component percentages and is positive for every health and management trait, including direct calving ease. Rozzer stems from an impressive cow family and follows 9 generations of VG/EX Dams.


Seagull Bay SLVR Kimball RC is one of the highest RC sires in the breed for Type and PLI and is now available sexed. Kimball is the only bull in the world to offer his unique combination of over £620 PLI and 3.4 Type Merit with 500 Kg’s milk. Kimball reigns from the world famous Honoverhill Tony Rae EX96 (Roxy) family with 10 generations of VG/EX Dam’s being behind him.


Genus ABS recognises industry demand for Sires displaying high production, functional Type and positive health and fitness traits. Reflecting on these six new genomic sires, Genus ABS strongly feels that they are continuing to deliver in their commitment to providing more profit through genetic progress, by offering new sires that will suit the diverse needs and breeding goals of the market today.



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