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Genus ABS is delighted to announce another exceptionally strong line-up of eight new proven, 15 genomic and eight Sexation graduates this April sire proof run.

The UK Cornerstone Breeding Programme has proved once again that it is setting the standard in bovine genetic development, with three of the proven and eight of the genomic graduates hailing from UK Cornerstone.


As a group the graduates will deliver exceptional type, increased fat and protein percentages and drive overall milk volume and production, as demonstrated in their domination of the PLI rankings.  Furthermore, their keen focus on health and fitness will significantly reduce the incidence of health problems.


Speaking about the performance of the Genus ABS stud this proof run, Larissa Jones, Dairy Product Manager said: “We are delighted to welcome these impressive new additions to our sire line-up.  With their collective high type, PLI and exceptional health and fitness traits, our new graduates not only complement, but also build on the strength of our existing stud.  The Genus ABS stud provides a solution for all dairy farmers, irrespective of their breeding goals or system and in doing so fulfils our customer promise of delivering ‘Profit From Genetic Progress.’ ”


Ballycairn DARIUS enters the line-up as a genomic graduate from the UK Cornerstone Breeding Programme.  With a PLI of £656, this powerhouse is ranked amongst the top ten PLI sires in the world, as well as being the number one genomic SCI sire.  As a Lexor son out of a Russell, Darius has a unique sire stack.  With his outstanding scores for calving ease (+1.4), type (+1.81) and extreme Daughter Fertility (+14.1), this exciting sire looks set to create a great deal of interest.  Andrew Rutter, Breeding Programme Manager is thrilled about his arrival: “I am delighted to introduce this tremendous sire.  His industry-leading PLI and SCI scores means that he will produce extremely healthy (-23 SCC) and profitable daughters with proportionate stature, longevity and superb mammary systems.  As a 5-Star TransititionRight™ sire and with a score of +0.5 for lifespan, Darius’ daughters will stand the test of time.”


Ballycairn Darius

Ballycairn DARIUS


Wilder DALLIANCE is another superb genomic graduate from the UK Cornerstone programme and son of the much sought after Genus ABS sire, Seagull-Bay Silver.  With a PLI of £605, a fantastic type score of +3.0, exceptional health, fitness, somatic cell count and fertility, Dalliance is a striking edition to the Genus ABS stud.


Larcrest CALUMET is yet another outstanding genomic PLI sire, also appearing in the international top ten PLI rankings.  He will produce daughters with outstanding type (+3.63), production and fitness.  Sired by Monterey – one of Genus ABS’ most highly regarded genomic sires of all time, Calumet will produce daughters with great components and exceptional lifespan (+0.7).


ABS MANSFIELD is the highest ranking Cogent Supershot son available in the world and the first to join the Genus ABS stud.  With his phenomenal milk score (831kg) and strong health and fitness (+1.72 type), Mansfield is a striking edition to the Genus ABS stud.


Alongside these fantastic genomic sires, a number of outstanding proven graduates also join our line-up:


Relough GENERATE graduates from the UK Cornerstone programme.  As an Iota son, from Relough Laudan Gloriette EX91, he boasts an impressive lineage that includes seven generations of Very Good and Excellent dams from the Gloriette family.  This calving ease sire (+1.3) is noted for his milk production and health and fitness.  His daughters will also be less extreme in stature and benefit from an easy-to-manage temperament.


Teemar Shamrock ALPHABET is an outstanding Shamrock son and with a PLI score of £519, he is the third highest ranking PLI sire internationally.  Shamrock offers exceptional semen and daughter fertility, (+13.3) alongside superb calving ease (+2.3).  He also scores 5-Stars on the TransitionRight™ index – the highest possible rating, meaning that his daughters are pre-disposed to progress through the transition period with fewer health problems.


Bilsrow ROULETTE is an impressive component improver from the great Roxy family. With six generations of excellent dams behind him, he is certain to make an impact.  Philip Dobson, UK Breeding Programme Coordinator commented on his arrival: “We’re very proud that Roulette was tested through the UK Cornerstone programme.  Having seen several of his milking daughters, I was struck by their high farmer satisfaction and high weights of fat and protein.  Roulette will produce undemanding, easy-to-manage daughters with serious production.  Daughters also score highly for fertility index and lifespan.  They will have a lower than average stature, with longer teats and steep depth of heel.”


Black GEM is an exciting new Friesian to join the line-up.  He is the number three Friesian for PLI and also excels for components.  He will produce production focussed daughters with an easy temperament and improved fertility.



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