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Barledziew Shottle Candy 2, Shottles first EX95 daughter was bred by the Vance family of Newton Stewart, Scotland. Candy reached the dizzy heights of EX95 at six years old having had 5 calves. She is a fantastic no holes cow that is a firm favourite with her owner Emma Vance. Emma comments, “she is strong, youthful cow who is a pleasure to work with. She is our highest ever classified cow, as well as one of our highest yielding cows and lives in the cubicles with the other cows with no special treatment. Candy epitomizes everything that the Holstein breed is good at”. The Vance family are still using Shottle on their herd.  This EX95 point daughter is testament to the reliabile type transmitting ability of Holstein Legend ,Shottle (UK Type Score, 2.4).


Scotland is also home to another remarkable Shottle, a cow that is thought to be the oldest living Shottle, Overside Shottle Nonsense EX90. Nonsense was one of the original Shottle test daughters born in 2001 she is owned by Overside Holsteins in Lanarkshire.  Although her name is Nonsense she is a no-nonsense Cow and is living happily with the herd today at 10 years old. Hugh Neilson of Overside Holsteins comments, “Nonsense is a strong, trouble free cow and is due currently with her 8th calf.” Hugh has 36 Shottle progeny registered with Holstein UK and he says that there are more Shottle calves in the pipeline. Hugh comments, “We are using Shottle sons Bluesky and Beacon and are  keen to see the influence Shottle will have through the maternal lines and how grandsons will perform over the next few years”. Shottle has a  reliabily proven lifespan score of +0.2 which means Shottle daughters will live longer than the average cow and Nonsense really displays that attribute.


These fantastic Scottish Shottle daughters are testimony to the quality of shottle daughters throughout the world, both cows are strong, functional and hard working. They are both scored excellent and produce high volumes of milk, whilst standing the test of time.


Both Hugh Neilson and Emma Vance comment on the strength of their Shottle daughters and this is a common theme throughout the world. Shottle is the perfect cross for Goldwyn bloodlines as he can put that extra strength and capacity into daughters.



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