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Reproductive Management Systems

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Background to RMS

Over recent years we have seen a continuous decline in pregnancy production (figure 1) as farmers struggle to balance increasing herd sizes and higher yielding cows with a reduction in skilled staff being employed in agriculture. Research has shown that once the pregnancy rate falls below 13%, herds are no longer able to produce enough replacements to replenish the herd. The trend needs to be halted.


Trends in Heat Detection, Preg Rate and CR in Dairy Herds


What is RMS?

RMS is a systematic approach to maximising pregnancy production, which works especially well on today’s large dairy farms.  A proven system, first introduced in the late 90’s on large Californian dairies, and now also operating in Italy, Australia, Canada and the UK.


What does RMS involve?

1. Heat Detection:  A dedicated RMS technician specifically trained to identify primary and secondary signs of heat, will visit your herd on a daily basis to identify cows on heat. Using detailed computer records and tail chalking, on average our technicians lift heat detection rates by 20-30% in the first year.




2. Sorting cows for AI: Unlike many stand alone heat detection products, such as Pedometers or Bovine Beacons, the RMS technician will also locate the cows that are on heat, make an accurate assessment of whether the cow is showing a true heat and then serve the cow, all with minimal disruption to the cow herself.


3. Technical Services: A specialist team including vets and consultants are always available either at the start to assess performance and help with any issues before starting on an RMS program and to troubleshoot logjams and blockages which restrict successful pregnancy production on farm. Using a number of tools such as Cow Signs® they will look at animal health, nutrition, cow comfort, transition and fresh cow management.


4. AI Service: A Genus ABS RMS technician will carry out on average 4,500 inseminations per year, this coupled with the intense and on going training ensures that you get the best possible results.




5. Fertility Data  Management: With RMS all fertility data management is taken control of. The RMS technician will input all fertility activities into a data management system. This information is checked to ensure the highest possible accuracy then the tech can interpret the data and then share relevant data with you to ensure pregnancy production is maximised.


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