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Genus ABS reaffirm their status as the leaders in delivering Profit from Genetic Progress with the addition of seven new genomic sires averaging over £717 PLI to their line up following the December proofs.


Alongside the new genomic sires, Genus ABS have graduated two new proven sires and 11 new Sexcel sires, offering even more opportunities for UK Dairy Producers to fast forward their genetic progress.


Highlights from the new Genomic sires….

Wiltor Bestman is one of the most popular Cornerstone breeding programme sires of recent times. His dam was formerly in the top 25 NM$ cows in the breed and behind her is an extended lineage of 10 VG/EX cows to the Opsal O Man Fantasy cow family. Larissa Jones, Dairy Brand Manager, comments, “Bestman has held nice and steady at £725 PLI. Following the changes to the UK Type Merit formula favoring the lower stature and flex to the leg that Bestman offers, he now sits within the top 2% of available bulls at +3.00 Type Merit.”


K&L LZ Conan PP RED is another hot sire from the successful Cornerstone programme, this time a Homozygous Polled and Red sire at £700 PLI. Conan’s Grand Dam, Verhages Bos Candlelight P VG86, was voted number two Red Impact cow of 2017 in Holstein International. Conan is the number one PLI Homozygous Polled sire meaning all his progeny will be hornless.


OCD Jaguar hails from one of the most prolific cow families in the breed backed by 10 generations of straight VG/EX dams. At over £740 PLI, 655Kgs of Milk and positive component percentages he ticks a lot of boxes for the UK market. This sire really excels when it comes to health and fitness traits with a Fertility Index of +11.5 and a lifespan of +0.7. Jaguar is also available as a Sexcel sire.


Update on Proven Sires….

Bryceholme SS Boastful, is a new addition to the proven line-up and popular sire of sons, he boasts an attractive linear crowned with a +2.0 Type Merit score. Boastful also offers almost 600Kgs of Milk, positive components and positive Fertility Index.


“Tag-Lane Milkshake strengthens the Fertility Index offered by the Genus ABS portfolio with over +11 points of Fertility Index.


Sticking with the fertility theme, we are pleased to see Alphabet adds even more daughters to his proof and increased in PLI as a result in the climb to +21.1 Fertility index. This places him at number two for fertility improvement in the breed.” Continues Larissa Jones.



Pick of the Sexcel sires….

Continuing to live up to his great reputation around the globe is ABS Mayday. At £745 PLI Mayday also offers great milk quality coming in at a massive 63.3Kgs of CFP, 0.16% Fat and 0.11% Protein. Mayday also saw an improvement in the new Type Merit formula due to his more desirable leg set and increased teat length that he offers.


Newly added to the Sexcel line-up is Lars-Acres Modest Trophy a Modesty son from the Lars-Acres T family that brought us popular proven sires such as Lars-Acres Shot Trigger. Trophy is another sire offering double digit fertility improvement and over 700kgs of Milk at positive components – he looks set to become a household name in the very near future.


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