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Sire ID - Shout About The Sire

It’s an exciting time in the industry, we’ve entered a new phase in calf sales where animal identification and traceability is paramount to the entire supply chain, and here at Genus ABS we’re passionate about helping you reap the benefits of recording sire ID when applying for a calf passport.


With only 23 per cent of sires currently registered on passports, AHDB Beef & Lamb is urging farmers to start recording to improve profitability and boost competitiveness. AHDB’s ‘Shout about the sire’ campaign follows the development of the new AHDB National Beef Evaluations, which deliver Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) linked to traits that commercial farmers get paid for, such as carcase quality and speed of finishing.


The new campaign aims to drive the industry forward and help to generate the data that can help farmers make the best decisions about their herd-breeding strategy.


The ‘Horsegate’ scandal, just one reason why traceability’s imperative…

Over the last few decades we’ve seen some very challenging times in the cattle industry, BSE, the ruinus Foot and Mouth disease, ever promient TB and recently the ‘Horsegate’ scandal. All of these had a profound effect on consumer perception of our industry. As part of Genus ABS’ on-going dedication and responsibility to the industry, we want to tell you how advantageous increased traceability could be to you and your business…


  • Price premiums on named elite sires at market
  • Customer satisfaction through full traceability
  • Adding value at every stage of your animals life


We’ve developed a new application to enable you to find the name or tag number of any beef sire, it’s our new ‘Sire ID Search Programme’.  A really quick and easy tool to identify a sire name from the eartag number displayed on a calf’s passport and designed with cattle markets in mind, the sire search programme will match the ear tag number with the name and breed of the sire, and vice versa. This handy cross reference tool will be available for you to use now! Simply click on the following link to access it:


Genus ABS Sire ID Search Progamme


 Great support of the campaign is already been given by cattle markets wanting to get involved in Sire ID promotion, to name only one is Gisburn Auction Market.


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