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New mating program revolutionises genetic herd management for global dairy producers

Genus ABS are excited to launch their new and improvement mating program, GMS 2.0 to provide dairy farmers with unprecedented capabilities to shape their future profitability through genetic improvement.


ABS revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the first mating program– Genetic Management System® (GMS) in 1968. Over the years, the system has been developed and updated with additional tools and features making it the most popular mating program in the industry.


GMS 2.0 continues to provide inbreeding management and offers dairy farmers the most complete protection against detrimental recessives and haplotypes . In addition, GMS 2.0 brings many other new benefits to dairy farmers, including:


Advanced Customisation

  • 150 different customisation options
  • Robot focused options
  • Complete breeding strategy management


Genomic Incorporation

  • Utilisation of female genomic data
  • Improved inbreeding management
  • More precise matings for optimum genetic progress


Increased Efficiencies

  • 14 customised reports to help monitor genetic progress
  • Instant reporting capabilities


“We are very excited to introduce GMS 2.0 to dairy producers,” says Keith Gue, Genus ABS Genetic Services Manager. “It is a completely new, redesigned mating program built with our customers in mind. If you think all mating programs are created equal, but that’s not the case. GMS 2.0 will completely alter your expectations.”


“Our customers are looking for a highly customised genetic solution that takes into account the specifics of their operations, their herds, their goals, and their timeline. GMS 2.0 delivers all of this and more,” continues Keith.


GMS 2.0 is easy to use. With guidance from a trained Genus ABS representative, customers first identify the production and conformation options that best fit their operations, and then target the genetic improvement areas they want to emphasize in their herds. Next, dairy farmers rank production, health and conformation in order to build a customised genetic improvement roadmap to help them reach their goals in the shortest amount of time.


“In today’s environment, dairy farms have to be more efficient than ever before. GMS 2.0 provides the world’s dairy farmers a significantly better tool for making sound strategic decisions about their herds—decisions that ultimately impact their bottom lines for years to come,” says Saskia Korink, ABS Chief Operating Officer. We at Genus ABS are focused on providing our customers with state-of-the-art genetic tools to Profit From Genetic Progress.”



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