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Genus ABS drive profit from genetic progress

Genus ABS are delighted with the latest AHDB Genetic Evaluation run, with a strong representation in the PLI sire rankings as well as the new Autumn Calving Index (£ACI) that has been released this August proof run. Genus ABS continue to make massive strides in their goal to help customers generate more Profit From Genetic Progress.


As a result of the changes to the PLI formulae – now favouring higher milk volumes and higher combined fat and protein kg’s – Larcrest COMMEND storms towards the top with a proven PLI of £719, with that he has one of the most attractive packages when it comes to milk quality with +0.29% Fat and +0.19% Protein.


Larissa Jones, Dairy Brand Manager, comments, “Our Genomic sire line up is better than ever with Genus ABS having over 45% of the top 50 sires ranked on PLI, this is over 35% higher than our nearest competitor. Leading the pack as the number one genomic sire with semen available in the UK is Denovo 7921 ATRIUM at £897 PLI. A son of the popular ICON sire ABS ACHIEVER, Atrium offers almost 75kgs of combined fat and protein, +0.20% Fat, +12.6 Fer Index and -11 Maintenance, pointing towards greater feed efficiency. In addition to his huge PLI score Atrium comes in at number one for the new Autumn Calving Index with a score of £751 ACI. The Autumn calving index has been devised to do exactly what it says on the tin – promote genetics that will excel in autumn calving dairy operations. Atrium’s sire ABS Achiever, one of the first ICON sires designated by Genus ABS, has continued to impress holding very steady genetically as his first calves arrive on UK farms. His full sister has recently been pictured and looks great, Achiever will continue to be a strong favourite as we move into the autumn.”


“Former number one PLI sire ABS OUTBACK comes in as the number two £ACI sire at Genus ABS with a score of £714 this is in addition to holding steady on the PLI base despite all the changes. His new figures come in at £866 PLI, with positive components at over 800kgs of milk, 12.6 Fertility and he is an excellent calving ease sire. As we strive to help our customers accelerate their genetic progress, we are pleased to make Outback a Sexcel sire available to UK dairy farmers. Sexcel aims to provide the best quality genetics to our customers and Outback illustrates the high calibre of our Sexcel range perfectly,” concludes Larissa Jones.



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