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OHare dam. Hickorymea Signif Ohio -small

Welcome Armitage Pesky (Armitage X Jose X Oman) is the number one Armitage son in the world. Stephanie Whittaker, Genus ABS Business Development Manager, comments, “Armitage was a sire who ranked very highly for PLI but never qualified for export in to the EU although was used extensively as a sire of sons over in North America. Pesky is a very complete sire who boasts a staggering £250 for PLI and 2.5 UK Type Merit alongside huge fertility at +0.6.  High quality milk is a key phrase when thinking about Pesky, he is the only bull in the world which has over 450kg’s milk, 0.15% fat and 0.11% protein”.


Offering something truly unique, Matcrest Sham Charlie (Shamrock X Mac X Outside) hails right from the heart of the Larcrest Cosmopolitan Cow family. “Charlie is a really complete genomic sire which offers all round improvement.  Charlie will breed phenomenal type merit with an overall score of 3.44. Charlie is an udder specialist with a composite score of 3.33. Alongside great type comes great index from Charlie, he has a PLI score of +190 which is driven by sky high fertility and component rich milk.”


The UK’s number four Type bull and number one Shamrock Son is Marland (Shamrock X Mac X Shottle).  Marland is the only genomic sire in the UK with Scores of +3.8 TM, +3.57 Mammary and +2.76 Legs and Feet.   “Marland is one of the most complete genomic sires on the market for all round type, mammary and leg and foot improvements. Of the top five UK type bulls, Marland is also the highest on PLI and Fertility index.  If it is sky high type with great health and fitness traits you want, why look any further than Marland”, states Stephanie.


The fourth sire added to the line-up is O’Hare P (O-Style X Signif P X Goldwyn).  Stephanie comments, “O’Hare P is a very exciting new genomic sire being the world’s number one Polled sire available. He is a great profit improver his PLI is £174 which makes him a true leader in the Polled world. O’Hare will also breed good solid type with legs, feet and udder improvement. We are really excited to see the influence that O’Hare P will have in the polled world. He has a really unique sire stack for a polled sire which features no Lawn Boy. With more focus being placed on breeding polled animals why not try some of the world’s leading polled sire?”


Photograph attached: Dam of O’Hare: Hickorymea Signif Ohio P


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