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Fertility Plus®

The ideal solution to your herds fertility problems, Fertility Plus® is one of Genus ABS’ leading semen fertility products.

Years of innovative research has allowed us to create a fertility product, which helps to increase conception rates*.


You can choose from the following Fertility Plus® products…


  • Fertility Plus® Continental – contains semen from three proven beef sires, specially selected for their continental breed traits.


  • Fertility Plus® British Blue – contains semen from three British Blue sires, all certified as ‘proven’ in our beef stud.


  • Fertility Plus® British Blue Elite – contains semen from three proven British Blue sires, that rank highly for BeefAdvanatge with superior calf quality.


  • Fertility Plus® Easy Calver – contains semen from three proven sires, who score an average of 110 BSI (Beef Sire Index) for calving index.


  • Fertility Plus® Top Calf – contains semen from three proven sires who score an average of 120 BSI for calf quality (average an extra £31 per calf sold at market).


  • Fertility Plus® 280 – contains semen from three proven short gestation length sires, averaging 280 days, five days less than average (average £25 per cow advantage).


  • Fertility Plus® Native – contains semen from three proven native breed beef sires.


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Comments from our customers who use Fertility Plus…

Fertility Plus Blue customer, Lodgeworthy Farm, 260 cow autumn block calving herd…

“We are an autumn block calving herd, six weeks to dairy then six weeks to Genus ABS Fertility Plus Blue. It suits our system because of the proven calving ease. It means we can rest easy at night, and the proven calf quality demands a better price at market. Fertility Plus is also a great way of catching the later calving cows and problem breeders to keep the block calving system and reduce the calving interval.”


Fertility Plus Native customer, Chris James, Home Farm, Pembrokeshire, 1000 grazing block spring calvers…

“I was attracted to the fact that Fertility Plus Native offers shorter gestations and easier calving sires than continental breeds. We run a seasonal block calving herd and wanted to use beef after we had produced enough dairy replacement from our own herd in the initial first few weeks of calving, and use beef on the rest of the herd after that. We have experienced easy calving with low calf mortality and very few cows needing veterinary care at calving, but more importantly after calving. Gestation lengths were equal to Friesian sires used, and the fertility of the semen used seemed to be very good.”


Fertility Plus Easy Calver customer, Giles Weaver, Villa Farm, Shropshire, milking 110 cows…

“We used Fertility Plus Blue for a long time but found the calves were calving down a bit big, so we moved to Fertility Plus Native and Fertility Plus Easy Calver. You always want a live calf and cow, so these mixes helped focus on calving ease. The Native mix contains two Angus bulls normally so it isn’t easy to record the sire on the calf passport, so we have gone more towards the Easy Calver mix, with Limousin, Hereford & Angus bulls in the straw. I have had some really nice Limousin calves from it, up and sucking very fast, & the calving ease has been good, we haven’t had many issues from it at all and plan to continue using it.”

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