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Genus ABS announce the graduation of 25 new sires to their stud this August sire proof run, with 4 new proven graduates, 15 new genomic sires and 6 new sexed sires.


Speaking about Genus ABS’ success this proof run, Larissa Jones, Dairy Product Manager said: “I am delighted to welcome these impressive new additions to the Genus ABS sire line-up. As a group the graduates will deliver extreme production, exceptional type, fat & protein percentages and domination in the PLI rankings. As always, our focus on health and fitness will ensure these sires significantly reduce the incidence of health problems.”


“With their varied genetics on offer I feel we have a solution for all farmers with varying breeding goals. It is also pleasing to see that four of most popular genomic bulls are now coming through with daughter proven proofs, demonstrating that we are helping deliver profit from genetic progress,” Larissa continues.


DG Charley, a new acquisition to the Genus ABS stud, comes from the globally renowned Larcrest Cosmopolitan family. Charley rose to fame in 2015 as the number one GTPI bull in the world and he has remained at the top of the sires lists since. “Dairy producers can expect modern Holstein efficiency from DG Charley with his combination of extreme production (1,023 Milk, +35.8 kg Fat, +29.9 kg Protein), with superior fitness (+0.7 Lifespan, -20 SCC, +8.6 Fertility Index), and moderate frame size,” Larissa comments.


Gin Amour is a sire from the UK Cornerstone breeding programme. Andrew Rutter, Breeding Programme Manager, comments, “Gin Amour affirms himself as a protein powerhouse. He is one of the market-leading sires for improving weight and percentages of protein. The other exciting and unique element to Armour is his pedigree which offers outcross and unique pedigree.”


Seagull-Bay MJ Applejax weighs in at number four on the PLI rankings at a phenomenal £715 for PLI. His combination of milk, protein, health traits and type make him a difficult bull for any dairymen to avoid. Daughters will offer incredibly efficient production for modern producers.


Alongside these fantastic genomic sires, we also have a number of proven sires joining the line up, highlights include:


The world famous, De-Su Balisto has now graduated with his daughter proof which remains very firm. “He is the only proven sire in the world with more than 500 kg’s milk and over 0.11% protein. Globally, his figures have lived up to expectations. Any dairy farmers with Balisto daughters should be pretty excited for them to calve-in,” comments Larissa Jones.


Lady’s Manor La Bron, a leading sire of sons for the UK, also has an official daughter proof. Daughters confirm genomic predictions that he would excel for daughter fertility and lifespan alongside great Type and production.


Welcome Armitage Pesky is another Genus ABS top selling genomic bull that now has a proven proof. With double digital fertility and impressive calving ease (+0.6), Pesky is set to continue his popularity.


Philip Dobson, Breeding Programme Co-ordinator, says “Wilder Dalliance is an exciting new genomic sire being added to the line-up. He adds a unique combination of 3.1 Type and £620 PLI adding an extra 6 months to productive life.”


The current genomic sire, Apina Nadal, also had a very successful sire proof run improving his PLI score and all health and fitness traits. He continues to dominate the PLI rankings being in the top 10.



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