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Farmer members of the BeefConnect® Supply Group were able to see actual growth and kill data from their own animals at a recent supplier group meeting, proving the significant impact that genetics has on their finished beef products.


BeefConnect® is the result of a collaboration between Genus ABS, the UK’s leading supplier of beef genetics and the ABP Food Group (ABP), one of the largest beef processors in Europe. The aim of the partnership is to deliver better efficiencies from the beef supply chain and higher quality beef.


Mark Smith, Genus ABS EMEA Beef Director, comments on the launch of the first set of progeny performance data made available to its members, “BeefConnect® is pioneering in the beef supply chain, we are the first ever integrated scheme to provide feedback to Dairy farmers on how their cattle have grown and graded through the ABP processing facilities.”


Members were able to see data on their animals that have been through the programme including information on kill weights, conformation and fat grading in addition to DLWG. They were also able to look at comparisons between AI sires and stock bulls and started to see the difference superior genetics can make.


“This valuable information on animal performance will allow us to use this data to make more informed genetic selection decisions. In the long-term it will allow Dairy farmers to select Angus sires with better growth performance and carcass quality; factors which have the potential to improve the efficiency and profitability of beef production in Britain. It is not just the Dairy farmer who will benefit from superior, higher value calves but the beef finisher will also benefit from better growth rates and carcass value. Calves that grow faster can also be moved off the dairy farm faster, providing rearing costs and labour efficiencies.”


BeefConnect® involves farmers using Genus ABS Aberdeen Angus beef sires on lower end dairy cows to produce beef-cross calves. The calves are reared on farm and then collected by ABP at between 10 – 35 days old and then moved to a dedicated ABP rearing unit through ABP’s integrated beef farming business Blade Farming. Participating farmers benefit from competitive prices and a convenient and welfare friendly way of moving calves off farm whilst having access, to the next generation of genetically superior sires.


BeefConnect® is currently available to farmers in Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, with the intention to expand further across the UK.


“We’ve recently started supplying to BeefConnect® and find it’s a great way to get calves off farm as early as possible, gaining a good price and service, and in the long run saving us time and money. The weekly collection is ideal for us. Knowing the price of what you will get for a calf and weighing calves on farm, I find works very well, you clearly know where you stand.. We attended a BeefConnect® day at the Genus ABS Bull Stud and this was an ideal opportunity to see the bulls up close and see data on the calves that had gone through the system completing the whole supply chain. As a famer it’s nice to know where and how your stock finishes. “


Ed & Dianne Nelson of Hill Top Farm in Cheshire, comment on Beef .



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