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Beef Cornerstone Breeding Club

Beef Cornerstone facilitates the testing of Genus ABS Beef sires through our Beef Calving Survey Programme in the UK. This programme enables us to  provide reliably proven sires that deliver and meet our  customers’ needs.

Each year we test in the region of 20 young beef sires, and this number continues to grow annually. In the UK, we currently have over 800 customers  actively testing our young beef sires, keen to be first to access the genetics of the future.

The majority of beef sires  tested through the Beef Calving Survey programme have been sourced from herds that we have developed  relationships with over many years. More recently, we have started to breed sons from our very best proven beef sires in the  Genus ABS stud, these sires are known as NuEra sires.

For more information about our line up of Young Beef Sires that are currently on survey – click here.


Having a Beef Cornerstone Membership… the benefits to you!

We are continuously recruiting customers to participate in Beef Cornerstone Breeding Programme. If you would like to join the testing programme, you could benefit from…

  • Access to the latest in beef sire genetics, including bulls which are sons of leading proven Genus ABS beef sires.

  • For each calving survey form completed on a dairy cow and returned to us an automatic credit will be put your account*

  • You will receive a free Beef Cornerstone jacket on sign up.

Click here to read what our current members who are already actively testing Young Beef Sires have to say, or read the information in our latest beef directory by clicking on the flip-book below…



How to join…

If you would like sign up as a new Beef Cornerstone member, or are already a Dairy Cornerstone member and would like to modify your Dairy Cornerstone account to include Beef then simply do so by either:

  1. Downloading a membership form here
  2. Contact our Cornerstone team on; 01270 616681 or email

  3. Speak to your local Genus ABS representative click here for more details.

To join Cornerstone all you need to do is fill out the NEW members form with all your details, take a minimum of 40 doses of young bull per year and be actively milk recording with organisations who contribute data to UK genetic evaluations. This currently includes NMR, CIS, UDF and Holstein UK.








*Credits only available for surveys completed on dairy cows



Sales Representative

Telephone number: 0870 162 2000

Email Address:

Please get in touch and we will get your local representative to contact you



Beef Specialist Team


Mark Smith

EMEA Beef Director

Samantha Wilson

EMEA Beef Brand Manager

Arwel Owen

UK Beef Sales Development Manager

Anna Hughes

UK BeefConnect®

Development Manager

Sarah-Jane Barton

Cornerstone™ Manager

Lisa Bennett

Beef Specialist (North)


Mark Thomas

Beef Specialist (South)

Conrad Fegan

Beef Specialist (Northern Ireland)




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