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Genus ABS announce the graduation of 27 new sires to their stud this April sire proof run, with four new Proven graduates, 12 new Genomic sires and 11 new Sexed sires.


The new additions to the Genus ABS line-up all offer exceptional levels of production, health and fitness traits particularly through longevity, fertility and calving ease, this combined with impressive levels of Type make them a very unique package of bulls.


Larissa Jones, Dairy Product Manager, comments on the April proof news for Genus ABS, “We’ve had lots of news this proof run. I am pleased that our new graduates can offer profitable genetics to our diverse customers.  We have also introduced our first Icon Sires, ABS Achiever and ABS Medley. The new Genus ABS Icon Sire Programme means that we can work with our customers to ensure that we are delivering genetics to drive forward genetic progress. ABS Achiever and ABS Medley are stand out sires and I am thoroughly excited to have them as part of our line-up. Additionally, the number one Proven sire for Type joins our line-up this proof run – Pen-Col Merrick. It’s fantastic to see that our Genomic product has delivered once again as all four of our proven graduates have been popular Genomic sires.”


Uecker Supersire Josuper, an early proven Supersire son, is a globally renowned production sire that was very popular as a Genomic bull.  He weighs-in with an impressive +1164kg of Milk and is one of the highest ranked production bulls in the world.  He is one of the only proven sires in the world to offer the combination of extreme production and over £500 PLI.  Josuper will produce high yielding daughters with performance type.  Larrisa comments, “His recent daughters have been very impressive – customers are calling him Mr Satisfaction, Josuper is the ideal cow for the commercial dairyman wanting moderate size, production and strength.”


Farnear Alfalfa is another proven graduate who was sold heavily as a Genomic sire. He is Mr health and fitness, with daughters that are incredibly fertility, long-lived and robust.  Daughters are also proven to have fewer cases of mastitis for added profitability.  Alfalfa daughters are smaller in stature but have extra Chest Width than average.  Breeding the type of cow which many customers are demanding .


Netherside Tarmac, a proven graduate from the UK cornerstone programme, enters the Genus ABS proven line-up. Tarmac boasts exceptional production and components +0.07% Fat & +0.06% Protein with an impressive daughter fertility score (+9.3). Phillip Dobson, UK Breeding Programme Co-Ordinator says, “Tarmac daughters will be of average size, black in colour with longer teats and posses exceptional management traits – they are exceptional to work with.”


ABS Achiever the first Icon Sire and comes directly from the ABS female programme and the highest ranking release to date. Weighing in at £720 PLI and +1.7 Type Merit, Achiever ranks exceptionally well around the world being an impressive 1023 NM$ and 2788 TPI, with these indices and his impressive A2/A2 status he is the complete package for Holstein efficiency. Achiever is a Yoder son from Genus ABS donor Compass-TRT Amrc AE J925, she is a favourite at Genus ABS with her ability to produce high ranking calves and her attractive pedigree. The second Dam of Achiever is the renowned Seagull-Bay Miss America and his 5th Dam is Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy.


Vortex Lexxi Foxx was sourced from the UK cornerstone program, he is particularly exciting being able to deliver exceptional % of both Fat and Protein and £670 PLI. Foxx offers exceptional health and fitness traits, +7.7 Fertility Index, -18 SCC, +0.4 Lifespan and is an improver for TB resistance and -2 for the newly launched Mastitis trait. Andrew Rutter, European Breeding Programme Manager, comments, “Foxx goes back to a terrific cow in the Vortex herd (one of the top herds in the world) which has bred consistently well, it is a stand out family for this herd and we are very proud to have bought Lexi Foxx into the UK programme.”


ABS Lateral is a sire for customers looking for progeny who will be profitable, increase production, breed back efficiently and stand the test of time in any herd. He is another addition to the Genus ABS line-up above £700 PLI with +10.3 fertility index, +0.9 Calving ease, and +0.6 Lifespan. He will also deliver progeny with impressive functional Type confirmation who are smaller in size.


Photograph below: RS1573 Robust America, Dam of Achiever


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