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ABS Global Launches NuEra Genetics™ Beef Program


ABS Global, a division of Genus plc, today announces the launch of NuEra Genetics™, the new brand encompassing all proprietary ABS beef breeding programs, evaluations and indexes, which will deliver differentiated and superior terminal genetics for beef supply chain profitability.


“ABS is continuing our strong tradition of innovation by using a science-driven approach to create genetics that are designed to optimize the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of the beef supply chain,” said Matthew Cleveland, Global Beef Product Development Director – ABS Global. “NuEra Genetics is a pioneering effort to change the way we think about beef genetic improvement. We are using Real World Data® to create products that are tailored to individual systems around the world.”


This targeted approach allows ABS to continuously deliver improved and validated genetics for traits that truly impact a customer’s profitability. NuEra Genetics represents the next chapter of beef cattle improvement and serves as the umbrella brand for all such programs, evaluations and indices that are developed moving forward.


NuEra Genetics has four key objectives:

  • Provide differentiated and tailored beef genetics that offer unique genetic solutions for the needs of diverse operations;
  • Drive genetic progress and customer profit faster through robust improvement;
  • Provide predictable performance by creating a more consistent product for the beef supply chain; and
  • Produce more value for the producer, feedlot, packer, and retailer by improving production efficiencies, which will drive down production costs thereby adding profitability and increasing sustainability.


“ABS currently has a strong beef genetics program worldwide, and NuEra Genetics only adds to our offerings,” said Jerry Thompson, ABS Global Chief Operating Officer – Beef. “We believe NuEra Genetics has the potential to add significant value to the beef industry globally. We’ve only really just scratched the surface and creating our own genetics to drive customer profitability will help us tap into many areas of growth opportunity.”


One such growing market is Beef on Dairy, a strategy that uses value-adding beef genetics on lower-ranking dairy cows within the herd. This approach is widely used in the United Kingdom and is growing in the European Union and the United States.


“As we see dairymen focus the adoption of sexed genetics on their high-ranking females, NuEra Genetics will provide these producers with elite beef genetics for those lower-ranking cows, adding a significant revenue stream to their businesses,” said Nate Zwald, ABS Global Chief Operating Officer – Dairy.


To find out more about our NuEra Genetics Beef Programme, click here.


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