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Breeder Tag System

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We understand that when resources are under pressure, health and fertility monitoring on farm can often be a challenge. The impact of this, such as fewer pregnancies, increased health issues and reduced profits, can be significant.  However, a focused, combined approach to managing these issues will undoubtedly maximise your herd’s efficiency, leading to a more profitable business. Whilst accurate heat detection remains a fundamental piece of the jigsaw, it is just one of the many measures that need to be implemented to help improve the profitability of your herd. Breeder Tag System Xtra combines all of the great properties of the existing Breeder Tag System, with the additional benefit of a new suite of health and welfare applications. By constantly monitoring critical indicators of cow behaviour, the system is able to identify any behavioural variances and potential issues. If an issue is identified the system automatically sends you an alert – providing peace of mind wherever you may be.


How do the systems work?


Breeder tag system – Proven to increase herd reproductive efficiency.  

Breeder Tag System monitors critical indicators of real-time cow behaviour. By delivering alerts for cows that are ready for service, suspected in heat, potentially cystic or showing an increase in activity, farmers have been able to identify with a greater degree of accuracy vital opportunities to not only inseminate eligible cows in heat, but to also be aware of cows showing behavioural changes associated with abortion or cystic activity which may need extra attention. By using GMS and our technical expertise, customers have been able to accelerate genetic progress within their herd and boost their overall profitability. There are currently over 10,000 cows benefitting from Breeder Tag System throughout the UK.


Breeder Tag system Xtra – There is a clear link between improved herd health and reproductive efficiency. By closely monitoring the health and welfare of all cows, but especially those considered to be high risk such as transition cows, it allows for the timely intervention where appropriate.


Key product benefits:

  • Continuous, real-time heat detection monitoring using long-range pedometer based technology.
  • Data is transmitted every 15 minutes, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Antenna solutions can be adapted to suit the specific farm systems, providing a range coverage that exceeds 700 metres.
  • 96% heat detection accuracy.
  • Alerts can be received directly to your laptop, tablet or mobile telephone – helping you to stay in control whilst on and off the farm.



The on farm benefits:

  • Improves heat detection rates: (avoids serving cows to early, who are already pregnant, who are not in heat.)
  • Reduces calving to conception interval. – Helps to achieve an improvement in 21 day pregnancy rate. – Provides an early indication of potential health issues. – Increases calvings and lower average days in milk – boosting milk production efficiency.


The benefits to you:

  • Reduces the degree of labour required, therefore saving you time and money.
  • Provides the freedom to get on with other tasks, whilst being able to keep a close eye on your herd remotely.
  • Provides a wealth of applications that can help improve a farms efficiency and subsequent profitability.
  • The system is easy to use and provides peace of mind.



What our farmers say…


Alan Newton – 160 cows

“I went to see a Breeder Tag system working on another farm; I was very impressed and as a result ordered the system. In the 7 months the system has been working, I can’t get over how well the system has worked. It has transformed our heat detection and very few cows see the vet for not being seen in heat. I am also very impressed at the accuracy of the heat detection as we are seeing a great improvement at our pregnancy diagnosis sessions. The last check was 26 pregnant out of 29. Apart from the improved heat detection accuracy, I have found the computer programme extremely easy to use and I now input all of the cow fertility information onto it.”


Gareth Stafford – 450 cows

“As block calvers it’s imperative that we don’t run cows round from one block to another. One thing we have found is that because the Tags talk to the system every few minutes, it means that the accuracy of the heat detection is really good, we can see when each individual animal starts, peaks and finishes a heat. We have tried to beat the system, we had a cow that was pd+ but seemed to be showing signs of bulling, I thought maybe I had found a cow that Breeder Tag System hadn’t, it hadn’t been flagged up, to the eye she was definitely bulling but on the next Vet visit I had her checked and no she was still in calf.”and



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