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Beef Traceability & NEW Sire ID Search Programme

A handy tool designed to help you easily find the ear tag number of all our beef bulls, or use an existing tag number to identify the sire of an animal!

Sexed Beef Semen Technical Info

At Genus ABS we understand that the beef farmers across the UK are wanting to continuously improve the genetics...

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  • Beef Bulls on Calving Survey

    Our Genus Beef Calving Survey enables Genus ABS to provide the reliability of proven beef sires to meet the needs of today’s modern dairy farmer. more >
  • Genus ABS and ABP Food Group Angus Calf Scheme

    Genus ABS have recently collaborated with ABP Food Group to help deliver better efficiencies from the beef supply chain. Opportunities exist for Genus ABS customers to supply ABP Food Group with Genus sired Angus calves, find out more here. more >
  • Online Beef Brochures

    Our new Beef Directory is available now! Featuring an impressive line up of 64 beef sires from 18 different breeds plus our Premier Collection sires too! This year we are introducing 20 new sires to the stud across both mainstream and specialist breeds. Click here to view the directory... more >
  • Fertility Plus®

    The ideal solution to your herds fertility problems, Fertility Plus® is one of Genus ABS' leading semen fertility products. Years of innovative research has allowed us to create a fertility product, which helps to increase conception rates*. You can choose from the following Fertility Plus® products... more >
  • Exportable Sires

    A large number of our beef sires are exportable to both EU and other Non-EU countries. Find out which of our sires are exportable here. more >
  • Sexed Beef Semen

    We now have an increasing portfolio of beef sires available as female sorted semen offering you a great opportunity to rear your own... more >
  • Synchronisation

    Tighter margins and demands for improved quality of stock from the suckler herd has led farmers to consider and take advantage of the many benefits of synchronised AI... more >
  • Beef Traceability & NEW Sire ID Search Programme

    Our new handy tool will allow you to identify the sire of a calf from the sire ear tag number displayed on its passport. Alternatively use this programme to search and find the ear tag number of any of our beef sires. more >
  • The Beef Premier Collection

    The Genus ABS Premier Collection is a range of specially selected sires from the very best genetics the breed has to offer. Take a look at our current Premier Collection sires... more >
  • Beef on Dairy Sire Info & Data

    With production costs soaring in the dairy enterprise there has never been a more important time to pay attention to detail on beef sire selection. Cow welfare and farm profit are two factors that we know mean a lot to you as a business, hence they are two points that we take into account in the selection of our beef bulls. At Genus we offer proven beef bulls; bulls proven for calving ease, gestation length and calf quality all with reliability that you can depend on. more >
  • Specialist Beef Breeds

    The Genus beef stud contains over 50 bulls from no less that 17 breeds, boasting one of the most comprehensive beef studs in Europe. more >